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August 17, 2017

How to Check Your Property for Damage After a Storm

When a big storm hits in Texas, you hunker down inside, relying on your home to protect you and your family. Once that storm passes though, it’s time to repay the favor — identifying damage and protecting your house from further issues.

Here are four major things we here at Pond Insurance Agency recommend you check after a storm:

1. Your roof: If you see holes, split seams or missing shingles on your roof or if you notice leaking inside or out, it’s a good idea to have a qualified inspector come assess the situation.

2. Your exterior: Siding, brick and stucco are all vulnerable to storm damage. You’ll want to look for cracking, chipping or dents and dings in siding, and for holes in stucco. Look closely at different times of day. Some homeowners don’t notice damage until it’s too late to file a claim, and a different lighting can reveal damage you didn’t see before. 

3. Driveways and walkways: Cracking and splitting can create safety hazards, as well as reduce the lifespan of the concrete.

4. Trees: According to the National Storm Damage Center, fallen trees and limbs cause more than $1 billion in damage annually. Check roofs, vehicles, fences and machinery for fallen limbs that may have caused damage or could pose a risk. Clean up what you safely can and rely on a reputable tree removal service to handle the rest. Depending on the circumstances, your homeowners insurance policy may help with tree removal and damage repair costs — if you experience a covered loss, that is. 

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