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June 6, 2017

Types of Life Insurance

Term Life:
Term life insurance protects you for a specified period of time – ranging from 1 to 30 years– and pays a death benefit only if you die during that specified term of the policy. That’s why it’s commonly referred to as “temporary” life insurance. This is often the most affordable life insurance coverage option. It’s dependable,low cost, and amounts won’t change for the selected term of coverage.
Whole Life:
Insurance which provides coverage for an individual’s whole life, rather than a specified term.Premiums are fixed and guaranteed and remain level throughout the policy’s lifetime. This policy has an investment component to help you build cash value over time.
Universal Life:
Universal life insurance combines features of term insurance and whole life insurance; with universal life insurance you get life long coverage and build tax-deferred cash value that will earn interest at a fixed rate. You also have the flexibility to change your plan.

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